Used Wind Turbines

Used Wind Turbines For Sale We Specialize in Refurbishing of Wind Turbines with 5 year/ Complete Warranty Call Tony 1-(920)-650-7279

The list below is what we currently have on our radar for used machines… they are either available or expected to become available in the next 6 months.

14    Vestas V27    250kW 

7     1996/1997     NTK  500kW     
33   1999/2000     Bonus   MKIV      600kW 
2    Enertech 44/40    40k  $18,000
2     1999/2000   Vestas V-42  600kW 

4     1990-91      Vestas  V25  200kW12 

3     1998          Nordtank   600kW   $80,000

10    1996/97    Bonus   450    405kW     $75,000

2     1990   Vestas   V25  200kW  Tower/30m (98′)    63,000 euro  Refurbished   4 years  Ago

More Used Inventory coming in April 2012
Refurbished Wind Turbines 1-(920)-650-7279

Our initial Wind Reconditioning focus is on redeploying wind turbines in community wind projects throughout the the World. Given the nascent nature of the refurbished wind markets we often develop our own projects, but prefer to work with other developers seeking a reliable solution to their community wind and/or net-meter project needs.

With a lead-time of less than 90 Days, we hope developers will find refurbished wind turbines an economical, timely, and wise solution to the current supply issues plaguing the community wind market.


We conducted an overhaul of the nacelle, blades and towers, is a comprehensive review of all parts of the nacelle, replacing filters, oil seals, replacement of damaged machinery, painting in nacelle, tower, blades, fiberglass work glass blades.

Download catalogue refurbished wind turbines

Refurbishment includes:?

Refurbished Gearbox ?

Refurbished Generator (bearings and windings)?

Refurbished Rotor?

Repaired Blades with new coating + balanced?

Refurbished Yaw engine?

New main bearing?

Sandblasted and new coated nacelle?

Inspection and repair of controller if applicable

Lagerway LW 15 75 kW 15m 24m
Lagerway LW 18 80 kW 18m 30m
Lagerway LW 27 250 kW 27m 30m
Nordtank 130F 130 kW 21,5 m 26m
Vestas V25 200 kW 25 m 30m

Refurbished Wind Turbines 1-(920)-650-7279

$5250.00 Used Price Wind Turbine Above





Used, Refurbished & RemanufacturedWind Turbines RCW LLC is one of only a few companies globally that offer a wide selection of used, refurbished and remanufactured wind turbines.When considering a remanufactured wind turbine, it is important to understand the difference in condition as described below:

Used / Second Hand = “As Is” Condition

Refurbished = Some service has been completed, but not completely remanufactured

Remanufactured = Meets or exceeds original specification

RCW LLC. offers wind turbines in all conditions. Visit our Used & Remanufactured Wind Turbine Buyers Guide for considerations and general information on researching and purchasing a remanufactured wind turbine.


About our Remanufactured Wind Turbines

RCW LLC offers remanufactured wind turbines from various skilled remanufacturers, refurbishers and machinists to ensure the wind systems offered meet the specifications and condition advertised.

Refurbishing or remanufacturing services on customer owned single and multiple unit systems is also available on most makes and models of wind turbines up to 750kW in size. Work, Service and Warranty through JEL Manufacturing.

JEL Manufacturing’s remanufacturing process includes complete disassembly, thorough inspection and cleaning. All wear parts, bearings, and seals are replaced, and the PLC control is replaced with an upgraded model for increased reliability, ease of operation, and internet connection. Blades are tested for strength, nicks and cracks are repaired, root bundles inspected and repaired as needed and leading edge tape is replaced. The turbines are restored to the original manufacturers specifications and offer a minimum warranty of 2 years. Extended warranties may be purchased upon request.

  • Most system can be remanufactured to either 50Hz or 60Hz upon request at the time of remanufacturing.
  • Whether remanufacturing your aging wind turbine, buying , or selling, call RCW LLC.!!! We work with used equipment and we can help bYou!

Please contact an account executive for more information

on the equipment below or equipment not listed here.

Click Here To Contact Us Now.

Remanufactured/Refurbished Wind Turbines

Commonly Available

The wind systems listed below are popular systems and commonly become available. The lead time on these systems may be 6-9 months or longer depending on availability. While price quotes are available on the machines below, the actual remanufactured price may vary according to the actual price of the original system.

**Waiting lists have already been established for several of these systems.


Vestas V-17Information


Wind Turbine


Vestas V-25Information


Wind Turbine


Vestas V-20


Wind Turbine


Vestas V-27Information


Wind Turbine

Used Wind TurbinesCurrently/Becoming Available

  • 8 – 1996/1997 NTK 500kW Wind Turbines (50Hz)
  • 1 – 1990 Bonus MK1 450 kW Wind Turbines – Currently operating. Available with 60 days notice. (50Hz)
  • 1 – Enertech 44/40 40kW Wind Turbines – Immediately Available (60Hz)
  • 48 – 1999/2000 Bonus MKIV 600kW Wind Turbines (50 Hz)
  • 7 – Micon 108 100kW Wind Turbines (60 Hz)

Call for Pricing and Details

Let Us Sell Your Used Wind Turbine!

We have identified several buyers looking for specific used wind turbines, but have not been able to match them with a seller… yet. We want to know about any/all wind turbines you may be considering selling or getting rid of for whatever reason. If you have an old wind turbine you may be able to sell it fast… and get paid fast!

Questions? Need More Info?

Let our experienced Account Executives assist
you in finding the best solution for your needs.
We will promptly contact you,or call us @1 (920) 650-7279.


Wind Energy News

Click on the news headline below to read the entire article.

05/25/2011 NMCC’s Wind Power Technology Program receives donations from three German companies The wind power technology program at Northern Maine Community College has attracted international attention resulting in $28,000 worth of tool and equipment donations from three German companies. That announcement made on May 24 at the American Wind Energy Association WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California.    


05/25/2011 The Dangers of Energy Generation It was a bit astounding. Somehow, despite the massive tsunami that hit Japan’s Kamisu offshore wind farm 11 March 2011, its seven turbines emerged intact. While the crushing wave wrecked almost everything in its path, the turbines stood tall and continued to generate power. Meanwhile, the world watched nervously as workers struggled to prevent a catastrophic meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant, site of explosions and radiation leaks. Despite its redundant safety systems and sturdy cement and steel layering, the nuclear plant’s systems ultimatley failed. Yet the wind farm, exposed and buffeted by the earthquake’s full force and the subsequent tsunami, survived.    


05/24/2011 Renewable Energy World Asia moves to Malaysia in 2011 for annual gathering of renewables industry professionals Renewable Energy World Asia, the region’s premier conference and exhibition for the renewable and sustainable energy industry, will move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 27th to 29th September 2011.    


05/23/2011 Ted Turner Calls for End of Fossil Fuel Subsidies During the first full day of the Windpower 2011 conference and expo, it was clear that the wind industry is raring to go.  CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Denise Bode, who rode into the keynote on a custom chopper made expressly to showcase wind power, enthusiastically ticked off the industry’s achievements so far such as creating jobs, creating vibrant economic development and contributing to the development of a renewable portfolio standards in 29 states plus DC.
She also unveiled the WindMade label, a new label that will be placed on consumer products that are manufactured with wind energy.  Much like the “USDA Organic” label and other consumer labels of the past, WindMade is intended to help consumers see and understand how energy goes into products they purchase regularly.
One highlight of the keynote was the unscripted, no-holds-barred conversation between Bode and Ted Turner, founder of CNN.  Turner is a passionate supporter of wind and energy and thinks the U.S. ought to be much further along in clean energy development.  “It’s the seventh inning and we’re down by 2 runs,” he said.  “We need to get on with it.  Start doing the right things and stop doing the wrong things.”
Turner said that fossil fuel subsidies are wrong and should be phased out.  The government should have an energy policy that seeks to transition the U.S. away from all forms of fossil energy, a transition that he views as the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced.
He would like to see the renewable energy industry raise a little more money and go back to Washington to make some real changes in policy.   “Let’s go kick their assess,” he said. He also told Bode that when she calls him for support in DC, he’ll be there “and I won’t charge you a nickel for it.”
“I want to live to see the country powered by wind and solar,” Turner said.             

05/23/2011 BPA Decision To Curtail Wind Power Sends ‘Chilling Signal’ To Industry Wind power generators in the Pacific Northwest this week began seeing the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) break its contracts with them, thanks to what AWEA and the wind industry called a wrongheaded decision that BPA announced May 13.    


05/23/2011 Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor provides immunity to EMI & lightning plus 13-bit resolution MICRONOR introduces the world’s first commercially-available absolute Fiber Optic Position Sensor (FOPS). The Model MR330 series position sensor is an innovative all-optical design immune to any electro-magnetic interference such as lightning, radiation, magnetic fields and other harsh environmental conditions. The fiber optic aspect of the sensor also makes it perfectly suited for long distance position sensing over hundreds of meters without being affected by ground loop problems. The FOPS system is based on Micronor’s years of research, innovation and patents in fiber optic sensing technology.    




05/23/2011 Windpower 2011 Highlights Industry Trends, Job Creation As thousands of wind industry members converged on the city of Anaheim, Calif., for the world’s largest annual wind energy event, the WINDPOWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition immediately turned into a hub for the discussion of industry trends and new developments.    


05/23/2011 3TIER Releases 90 Meter Wind Prospecting Tools 3TIER®, a global leader in renewable energy risk analysis, today announced the release of new 90 Meter Wind Prospecting Tools. The web-based service gives wind project developers and financiers immediate access to 90 meter resolution wind resource data across the continental US – the highest resolution data currently available on-demand. Such finely detailed data reveal how even small terrain features will affect wind power generation, enabling anyone with a financial stake in a project to better manage spatial risk during the earliest stages of project development.    


05/23/2011 WINDPOWER 2011 highlights industry trends, job creation As thousands of wind industry members converged on the city of Anaheim, Calif., for the world’s largest annual wind energy event, the WINDPOWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition immediately turned into a hub for the discussion of industry trends and new developments.    


05/23/2011 Marshall University uses Second Wind’s wind data collection solutions to plan clean energy futures of West Virginia surface mine sites Coal mined from West Virginia’s mountains has powered this country for decades, and now Second Wind’s wind data collection solutions are helping former and active coal mining sites find second energy-producing lives as homes for wind farms and other renewable energy facilities.    


05/23/2011 Alteris Renewables chooses remote sensing technology to aid in wind assessment study for Jamestown, RI Second Wind, a leader in wind measurement systems, today announced Alteris Renewables, the largest renewable energy installer in New England, will use its wind measurement technology to provide comprehensive wind resource analysis to the town of Jamestown, RI. The town is conducting the analysis at the Taylor Point wastewater treatment plant to determine if it is an efficient location for a wind turbine. This is the first wind project the town of Jamestown has initiated. The town hopes to generate up to 1.65 Mw of energy.    


05/22/2011 India Balances Development against Emissions One of the key challenges facing fast developing economies such as India is how to fuel and sustain economic growth while simultaneously reducing emissions. Like China, India is strongly opposed to setting emission reduction targets, arguing that any constraints would adversely impact economic growth, with this resistance unlikely to weaken before the current first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ends in December 2012. But this emission constraint resistance should not be confused with sustainable market development.    


05/20/2011 New speakers confirmed at Wind Power Italia: 14-15 June, Rome Don’t miss out on attending Wind Power Italia to hear from Roberta Benedetti (EON Climate and Renewables), Pio Forte (UniCredit Leasing), Carl Durante (Maestrale) and Paolo Grossi (RWE Innogy) along with other senior practitioners shaping the Italian wind industry.    


05/20/2011 California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and Colorado Top the Nation in Clean Energy Leadership Clean Edge’s second annual U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index, released today, provides the industry’s most comprehensive and objective analysis and ranking of how all 50 states, and the individuals, businesses, and organizations that operate there, compare across the clean-energy spectrum.    


05/19/2011 First Financial Instrument to Hedge Wind Power Variability Risk Now Available 3TIER®, a global leader in renewable energy risk analysis, and Galileo, a global leader in weather risk management, announced today their collaboration in offering the first financial products designed to assist the wind power industry in hedging the financial risk of wind variability. Galileo’s WindLockTM product will provide on-site settlements based on 3TIER’s wind resource data, enabling wind project developers and financiers to mitigate the risk of project underperformance. The joint effort creates an entirely new global market for financial wind risk management products designed to ease financing pressure on wind projects, where the cost of financing often includes large premiums built in to cover production uncertainty.    


05/19/2011 China Seeks Big Wind in a Push To Standardize Project Size The Chinese government is now working on new procedures that will standardize the inspection and approval process for wind power projects in a move to address the wind power grid connection and operation security issues that dog the sector’s development.    


05/19/2011 The Power Grid and the Wind Industry in China: An Update With the March, 2011 issuance of yet another spectacular progress report on wind power development in China and the April 2011 release by the State Grid Company of a white paper on its role in facilitating the growth of wind power in China, this is an opportune time to provide an update on how grid build-out is mobilizing to support rapid renewable energy growth in China.    


05/19/2011 Wind Farm Contracting and Financing In this time of ongoing technical, economic and political change, investors and lenders continue to take a cautious approach to determining whether to provide financing for a U.S. wind project. One key to the profitable development of wind projects is the efficient negotiation of financeable project documents.    


05/18/2011 Parker unveils revolutionary two-phase cooling technology power rack for wind turbine systems at WindPower 2011 — Booth#3179 Parker Hannifin Corporation, the leader in motion and control technologies, unveiled today at WindPower 2011, a revolutionary new precision cooled rack for cooling critical wind turbine systems. The precision-cooled rack solution features Parker’s proven and patented two-phase evaporative cooling technology, which uses non-corrosive, non-conductive fluid, as it vaporizes and cools hot surfaces on contact. Parker’s Precision-Cooled Rack Solution can be used to cool critical wind turbine systems, including power conversion electronics, the generator and the gear box, and also provides an efficient solution in a smaller, lighter footprint than racks using alternative thermal management.    



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